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Salmonella in a Blue-naped parrot

Some time ago, our pet Larry, a blue-nape parrot showed symptoms indicative of disease agent called Salmonella pullorum. These were the symptoms Larry was having: decreased appetite, chilled appearance-shivering, closed eyes, depression, white diarrhea and saying "buh-bye" --which scared mom most.
We were not able to get him a diagnostic test at the time because my mom reported his condition to me only through text message as I was in vet school. Assessing Larry through the text mom sent me, Larry is certainly not in good shape that evening and must be given some medication.

I suspected Salmonella pullorum infection which ideally should be diagnosed after bacterial isolation and testing  by direct plating technique on McConkey and Brilliant Green Agar. However it was not done. White diarrhea in birds is usually caused by Salmonella pullorum, one of the two poultry-adapted strains of Salmonella bacteria. Although it commonly affects and causes mortalities in chickens, turkeys & gamefowls, it can also infect other birds such as sparrows, doves and parrots. 

Differentiation from other possible diseases such as Typhoid, Paratyphoid, paracolon, other enterobacteria, chilling and omphalitis should also be taken into consideration, but we took a risk due to the urgency of the moment and advised mom to give antibiotics through feed and water. (After  careful estimate of dosage and type of antibiotic which I will not state here. It is still best to see a veterinarian.)

Larry responded well with this treatment and recovered after a week. I can only surmise that he might have been infected possibly through other birds in our area such as sparrows which may also be carriers of the disease. The bacteria can be transmitted through air.
Generally, vaccines are not normally used as prevention as they interfere with serological testing and elimination of carriers. Although Larry is already resistant, he may remain as a carrier. 

I hope this fellow parrot of his doesn't snob him though.